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Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

The Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative is the official journal of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium. It publishes the proceedings of the annual TEI Conference and Members' Meeting and special thematic issues: state-of-the-art reports on electronic textual editing, current trends in TEI encoding, and new use cases for TEI. It furthermore provides a forum for articles on the discussion of the interface between the TEI and other communities, and more generally of the role of technological standards in the digital humanities, including digital scholarly editing, linguistic analysis, corpora creation, and newer areas such as mass digitization, semantic web research, and editing within virtual worlds.

Peer Review Process

Articles published in Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative are peer reviewed.

Publication Frequency

This journal will be published at least once a year.



The editors are appointed by the TEI Board of Directors in staggered terms.

Editor-in-Chief: Susan Schreibman (2010–2013)

Technical Editor: Ron van den Branden (2012–2013)

Managing Editor: Kevin S. Hawkins (2010–2012)

In addition, issues may have one or more guest editors.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board members are appointed by the TEI Board of Director in staggered terms.

Arianna Ciula (2010–2014)

Matthew Driscoll (2010–2014)

Julia Flanders (2010–2012)

Fotis Jannidis (2010–2014)

Nancy Ide (2010–2012)

Wendell Piez (2010–2012)

Sebastian Rahtz (2010–2014)

Laurent Romary (2010–2012)

Nathasha Smith (2010–2012)

John Unsworth (2010–2014)